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Shipping and FAQ

Shipping and Quality FAQ

Luxurious Living 4 Less strives to offer the best quality items while understanding everyone has different budgets. We offer a variety of qualities to meet our customer's needs. Please see the below frequently asked questions to answer all of your quality description and shipping/processing questions. Should you have a question not addressed here, please use the chat feature to let us know!


How do you determine the difference between 1.1, Mirror and Store Copy?

You will find each seller uses the above terms differently. Here at Luxurious Living 4 Less we try to be as accurate as possible when assigning a quality to an item. We are not only a seller, but we are buyers and lovers of luxury items as well. We want to make sure that we are giving our opinion of the quality of the item to the best of our ability. However, with that being said, quality perception is something that can differ. We cannot guarantee that you will agree with our quality determination 100%. Therefore, please do your own quality determination of the item prior to purchase as we do not accept returns or exchanges. 

What is the description of each quality?

1.1 is an item that is basically concept to concept, which means that the item will look like the original, but it will have a slight variance. That variance is different from item to item. It could be something as small as a little detail inside the item or it could be the thickness of the material used vs the original. These items are the lowest quality that we offer. The price range for this genre is $50-$130.

Mirror items are exactly like the word describes. Our vendors try to match the original as much as possible. These items could have a slight variance from the original. An example of a possible variance could be perhaps a stitching pattern be different on the inside. Most mirror items will fool the general public. However, if someone was inside your bag, they might be able to see the difference from the original. Most mirror items are priced $140-$250.

Store Copy items are the highest grade available to us as a seller. It is an item that has the same touch, feel, look as the original. These items are more costly because the material our vendor uses is the best they can get. These items can run $275-$500.

I got an item that I don't agree with your quality assessment on. Can I return this or exchange it for another item?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept an exchange or return of any item. We ask that you please make sure before purchasing that you are ok with the quality of the item before purchasing. Please ask all questions prior to submitting your order for the item or purchasing from a live sale to diminish the risk of you being unsatisfied with your item. If you would like to sell your item that you bought from us, you may head on over to our facebook group and find the rehome thread to list your item. 

What is your turn around time for shipping an item I just bought?

For in-stock items please allow 2-3 days for your order to be processed. We try to have items shipped within 3-5 days. This is just a rough estimate and depends on the number of orders we are processing. However, we are a small company and try our hardest to get items out quickly. Please wait 8 days to inquire in regard to the shipment of your in-stock item. 

For preordered items please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to our headquarters. We will ship your item to you promptly and you will be notified via tracking information on your account. (so please make an account!). If you ordered a store copy item, these are direct shipped to you from our vendor. Please allow the same time frame of 3-4 weeks.

How do I see my tracking number?

Please make an account prior to checking out. Once your item ships you will be able to login to your account and see all your orders and their tracking number.

I'm excited for my item! Can I send you a message to expedite my processing time?

No. We fulfill orders in the order they are received. Even if you purchased a faster delivery time we cannot speed the processing time before it is shipped. The faster delivery options only control the speed of the shipping vendor. 

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